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Moscow. February 24, 2014.

This is not Kiev, baby… This is Moscow, Tatarskaya Street. February 24, 2014. What happened three days ago, happens again. But now it has increased and multiplied twenty times in its violence, atrocity, brutality and meanness. Fully armored bastards grab people from the crowd randomly, hastily, without looking twice. They grab old women as well as young girls and drag them to the SWAT vans. The crowd is full of infiltrated provokers/snitches that twist their rat snouts, sniff around, eavesdrop and then chirp into their little radios. And the armored bastards rush to get their next victim. Everything that can be blocked is blocked. People stand without banners or flags. They just stand there. On sidewalks, not on the street. “Your meeting is illegitimate! Your action is unsolicited!” shouts through the megaphone some police ‘rank’ with the raspy voice of a regular drinker. What action?! Who should we get permission from?! From your kingpin VVP who at this moment gives awards to the “most extraordinary athletes of modern time”? I saw the bastards dragging a man with a Russian flag. This is not Kiev. At some point bandits in gear block both ends of the street with two rows of police and start moving towards creating an inescapable padlock for people. Someone says, “They only let women out”. Godspeed… I don’t feel any fear. Only hopelessness and some existential despair… I wish there were at least twenty thousand people there today… But this is not Kiev… “Chips of something broken forever...” Russian intellectuals (intelligentsia) on march… Vadim Zhuk, Dmitry Bykov, Lev Rubinstein, Pavel Bardin, Andrey Bilzho, Igor Irten’ev… The best and most honest people of Putin’s Russia. Boris Nemtsov, Alexander Ryklin, Andrey Nechaev, Maria Orlovskaya, Viacheslav Egorov, Sasha Sotnik, Ilya Yashin, Dmitry Melekhin… Here is Luydmila Alekseeva, thank God these scums don’t dare to stop her. Bats in helmets... The verdict is here. People get real prison time – 2, 3, 4 years... It’s mean, savage, absurd. And most importantly – they got indicted for nothing. Just because. Just because they spoiled Putin’s day…The ring tightens. This is not Kiev… 4 years for Sergey Krivov who has already spent a year and a half of this term in prison, who has been on a hunger strike for months and who has lost the last bits of his health… “What happens to others, happens to you” The Olympic Games are over. The thaw is over. We are looking forward to a long winter… But still, nevertheless, sooner or later… There will be our Maidan. For each and every one of these thugs. I’m certain. Curse on you, scums. Curse on you. And be blessed those who came today, on February, 24, 2014. PEOPLE, I love you.

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